Andy Lipman
Wish For Wendy

Andy Lipman never met his older sister Wendy. Just sixteen days after her birth, she died from complications of cystic fibrosis. Three years later Andy was born, like Wendy with cystic fibrosis, but the outcome for Andy was much different. While the grim prognosis in 1973 projected that he would not live to become a teen, today Andy is an active adult and sports enthusiast with two young children. Certainly, medical advances in treating cystic fibrosis have contributed to his longevity, however, he could not have beaten the CF odds without his positive attitude and hard work at keeping physically fit.

In August of 2006 Andy and his family founded the Wish for Wendy Foundation, Inc., a non- profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness about living with cystic fibrosis and supporting efforts to find a cure. Andy has shared his story with a wide variety of groups ranging from professionals at the Centers for Disease Control's Conference on Developmental Disabilities to high school students and civic organizations. His presentations are motivational, humorous and touching. Appearances can be arranged through or by calling 404-512-9473.

To volunteer for a Wish for Wendy event, please call 404-512-9473. Donations to the Wish for Wendy Foundation are greatly appreciated. Click here to make a contribution.