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While each speech Andy gives is customized for the specific audience, the general topics listed below encompass his areas of expertise. Please choose from these categories when contacting Andy about a booking.

Beating the Odds

Andy talks about his fight against fights cystic fibrosis and how he's learned to persevere despite being given little chance to survive past childhood. He describes his days as a sickly child and his development into a man who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, ran with the Olympic Torch and against seemingly insurmountable odds, fathered two children. He concludes the speech by relating his situation to challenges faced by "normal" people in a way that motivates audiences to strive for their greatest potential.

A Superhero Needs No Cape (adapted for teens or younger children)

Andy's describes his school days, which were fraught with bullies, the shame of being different and his desperate efforts to fit in. In this presentation he reminds kids of the importance of making the right choices, ignoring peer pressure and the rewards of standing up for yourself. He elaborates on how to eat right and exercise, and gives examples of the benefits and consequences. He ends the speech by outlining the characteristics of a leader and tells what it takes to become one.

Crushed! Turning the Tables on Depression: Confessions of a Facebook Junkie

Recent studies indicate that 30% of adults with cystic fibrosis are clinically depressed; the numbers are similar in patients other chronic, life threatening diseases. Andy will talk about his life-long battle with depression, explain how depression can lead to other issues, how he has learned to cope with the symptoms, and the steps he has taken to overcome this disease.

How to Create a Monster Fundraiser

Andy will speak about the how to create a fundraising event and the impact fundraising efforts can have on the individuals participating, as well as for the cause itself. Andy will also talk about how his Wish for Wendy Softball Challenge started and how he's helped turn it from a small community event to a fundraising monster.

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